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What are you going to do after graduation?

Do you like to …

Apply for a full scholarship master program?
We help you to find a supervisor in your university community.
Immigrate to another country?
We help you to find a fellow at destination country.
Make a startup team?
We link you up with the like-minded alumni to have fun and help others.
Find your favorite job?
You can use our free career service to assess your soft and hard skills.
Benefit from your university perks?
Wherever you live, we can offer you the university perks.
Share your university story with your friends?
Tell us about a memorable university moment and hear stories by fellow alumni.

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at Students Panel
Educational Information

Entry of educational information and research records by the student, including information about the university, degree and field of study, as well as research interests.

Fellow Finder User Panel - Educational Info
Work Experience

Enter and save all user work records including: period of activity, type of job and company location of work along with the profile information of the person on LinkedIn.

Fellow Finder User Panel - Job History
Invite Friends

Users can receive special points by inviting their friends and introducing them, in addition to expanding the comprehensive network of system members.

Fellow Finder User Panel - Invite Friends

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Fellow Finder?

For Universities

Tracer for Universities

You Can ...
Connect to a worldwide network of you students, alumni, faculty and staff.
Search alumni by major, region, employer, title, skills and even degrees of separation.
Browse different groups of alumni by location, faculty or college and visualize on the map.

Sneak Peek
at University Panel
Visualization on Map

System administrators can analyze the information of their students and graduates by viewing statistical data from members around the world on the map.

Fellow Finder Admin Panel - Visualization
University Services

Administrators can define their university services for students to use. Students can use these services according to their level.

Fellow Finder Admin Panel - Services
Targeted Single and Group Email

Managers can send targeted email to their target group by selecting their target group individually or a group of users. They can also define and use common email formats.

Fellow Finder Admin Panel - Email

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